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    Committed to Community - within our congregation and reaching out
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    Contact James on 01553 673742 or james@churchinthewoottons.net 
    The Duke of Edinburgh
    We are saddened by the news of the death of The Duke of Edinburgh and our thoughts and prayers are with Her Majesty the Queen and all members of the Royal Family.  We are holding two commemoration services for Prince Philip on Wednesday 14th April one at 11.00am at St. Mary's Church South Wootton and the other at 7.00pm at All Saints Church, North Wootton.  If you would like to attend either of these services please email me at james@churchinthewoottons to reserve yourt seat.  Places are limited due to Covid 19 restrictions.  Our churches are open during the day for private prayer. 
    To read a letter from James please follow this link: /content/pages/documents/PastoralletterfromJames.pdf
    Find the Church in the Woottons Facebook Page -  Facebook@churchinthewoottons to see the things that we are posting regularly including Sunday Services and and daily prayers and reflections
    Please click here for an electronic version of the February issue of Contact:  /content/pages/documents/ContactFebruary21.pdf
    Sunday Services and Daily Prayer in our Homes
    Please find our YouTube channel - search for "The Church in the Woottons"  - where we are posting a version of our Sunday services and each weekday we are offering "Daily Prayer in our Homes".
    We take the safeguarding of children, young people and adults very seriously in The Church in the Woottons.
    To go to the Diocesan Safeguarding website please use this link:
    https://www.dioceseofnorwich.org/about/safeguarding  Here you can find the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor's contact details and advice on how anyone can report a concern.
    Our safeguarding officers are:
    Dr. Jonathan Dossetor (children and young people): jonathan.dossetor@btinternet.com
    Angela Clarke (vunerable adults): a.whiles007@btinternet.com
    Please check these webpages for updates on the situation and news from us here at The Church in the Woottons.
    Please read this letter from James:

    Time on your hands?  Worry filling you mind? Do what you can do.


    For all of us, our lives have changed in ways that were unimaginable only a few months ago.  Without exaggeration we can say that, even on a global scale, nothing will be quite the same ever again.  As individuals we are not free to meet family and friends – unless they are on our doorstep, and unless we are able to observe the social distancing guidelines.  Work is very much on hold for many of us, and the availability of so much that we have taken for granted is precarious – to say the least.  I and my colleague Dan are doing most of what we normally do in our leadership and care of The Church in the Woottons by phone, email and social media.  The flock in our care is not at liberty to gather together, and this is strange and sometimes even disturbing.

    Governments, industries, economies, communities and even whole societies around the world will undergo profound change, – and all of these things will need rebuilding.  The balance of power in the world will shift ….   I could go on – and on and on.

    One of the many lessons we have been forced to learn with the emergence of Coronavirus COVID 19 is that there is so much that is beyond our control, the control of others, the control of governments and agencies - there is so much that is beyond human control.

    What can we do?  What am I doing?  Well, I’ve been using my phones and computers more than I can ever remember, keeping in touch with people near and far.  And I’ve been thinking hard and talking with lots of people about the best ways to adapt to the changes that have been forced upon us. 

    But I have got time on my hands.  I have got out in to my garden earlier in the season than ever before.  Indoors we are tackling nooks and crannies, and even whole rooms that are long overdue for a sort out, tidy up and clean.   Chores apart I have got time to listen to more music that I usually can, and to take some photographs that have been crying out for my camera to see and snap for too long.

    More importantly, for my faith and profession, I have got more time to pray.  And I am praying, those in my household our praying and the church I am part of is praying.  What do I personally mean by prayer?  Well I am spending more time in the presence of God.  I am seeking him in the silence, through the words of the Bible and in the words of other people.  What am a praying for?  I am praying for protection for everyone I know.  I am praying for wisdom for myself and for key decision makers in every walk of life.  And I am praying that God will use the current global crisis to allow more just, true and even loving governments, economies and societies to emerge, flourish and grow.   I am praying for our world to become a better place.

    God bless you, take care and stay safe




    Breakfast is served, we learn and worship together.

    Everyone is welcome. 

            CURRENTY SUSPENDED               
    ST. MARY’S DROP-IN – Are you free on a Thursday? Come in for a coffee– we’ll be there! The Drop-In runs from 8.45 – 12 midday each Thursday - the church is welcoming, there are tables to sit around, quizzes to do and games to play.   There are toys for young children to play with.  We serve tea, coffee, squash and delicious home baking.    Come along to chat to friends, or to make new one and enjoy a good cuppa and a piece of cake.

    The Church in the Woottons
    Near King's Lynn
    If you are looking for a new Church please go to our Service Times pages to find out when and where we meet.  We try to cater for a broad range of preferences and seek to offer something for everyone - whether you prefer formal or informal worship, adult based or all-age teaching we hope you will feel at home with us.  We also run several home groups which meet either during the day or evening.  A mixture of teaching, worship and prayer is offered by the groups and many people find them a very enjoyable and enriching place to be. 

    If you are hoping to get married in Church or have your child baptised (Christened) there are special webpages for you too, and you can get in touch with us by 'phone or email us using the form provided.

    If you want to find out more about Christianity, why not come along to one of our Alpha Courses?  A new one will be starting at the end of February next year.  You can find out more by looking at our Alpha Course webpage.

    On this website we hope you will find all the information you need about our Church.  If you visit one of our Churches I am sure you will receive a very warm welcome and within our programme of services, events and activities, I hope you will find just what you are looking for.

    James Nash - Rector of the Church in the Woottons

    We are part of the Diocese of Norwich in the Church of England 
    and belong to Churches Together in King's Lynnhttps://www.churchestogetherkingslynn.com/


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